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10 Free Social Media Tools that Add Thousands of Followers

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People spend an average of 2 hours and 24 minutes a day on social media, and over half the population is on social media. How many of these people would you like have as followers?

Agorapulse: Become more responsive to your audience by centralizing all of your interactions in one place.

Canva: Speeds up the content creation process with tested templates that work. You can create all kinds of creatives, infographics and so forth without any graphic artist experience.

Facebook Ad Library: This will show you what ads your competitors are running. See what messaging is working for your audience, for competitors’ pages, what people like and dislike. Use what you learn in both your paid ads and your free content, too.

Google Trends: Shows you what’s hot, and when you post content around trending topics, you’re more likely to get more social media followers. You can also check to see if your topics on increasing in interest. If they’re decreasing, choose another topic. If they’re increasing, you’re on the right track.

Later: Allows you to schedule your social media content publishing for all channels in just one place. This allows you to post consistently which is the key to building up your follower base.

Mention: The idea here is to stay on top of the mentions of your brand and your competitors’ brands, too. This is a good way to learn from your target audience, to discover their pain points, what they like, what they’re consuming and so forth. This will help you to produce products people want to buy and how they want to be sold.

MobileMonkey: Automate your Instagram interactions with people who engage with your content. Let’s say someone mentions you in a story – you can automatically thank them for this, which encourages them to mention you again and again. Or when you release a post, you can tell people that if they want a free guide, to leave a comment with your keyword and you’ll message them the free guide. Doing these kinds of things help you to get more followers as well as building a deeper connection with your audience. This in turn encourages people to share your stuff more often and talk about you to other people, further building your audience.

Not Just Analytics: Analyze Instagram accounts in your niche and see who’s getting real engagement. Discover which of their content pieces are performing best. Watch for spikes in their growth so you can identify what’s working for them.

Restream: Go live on all the social platforms at once, including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. When you go live, the social platforms will show your content to more people than just the ones who follow you, bringing you more followers, interactions and sales.

Social Blade: social Blade shows you who’s doing well on YouTube, who’s growing faster and who’s getting more views and engagement. Study the channels that are doing the best, figure out why they’re doing well, and use what you learn to improve your own channel.