World Environment Day

Let’s build a better tomorrow by building a better foundation of our past.#WorldEnvironmentDay Now that’s a great sentence!Quoted from a book by William Dudley called: “How Buildings Learn“. It explains the principles of how anything can learn from experiences.   It suggests

Are Your Videos making this Audio Mistake?

Imagine you’re making a video about how to declutter a closet.
In the video you show the closet beforehand, you explain what you’re going to do and how you’ll do it, and then you have a montage of video clips of you working while music plays. Finally, you come back on screen and give a few parting thoughts.

Attracting a Massive Audience with Your Blog

Plenty of bloggers like to write about their thoughts, their day or the crazy thing that happened to them on the way to the zoo.
But this type of blogging is generally more for fun than for profit.