Pirate Keyboard

Here There be Pirates!

Today I was asked, on Quora, for advice on recovering files from a Ransomware Attack.  There were two admissions that the questioner added:1) They had tried downloading Microsoft software for free from “a website”. 2) Unfortunately, hadn’t done a backup

Wear Your Money Goggles

If you buy it – use it! Don’t leave that new product in its original wrapper. Wear your Money Goggles to find the value. OK, I’ll confess, I am a long term Shiny Addict. If it’s new – the latest

Can we Make a Vaccination for Procrastination?

If procrastination was a virus – one which spreads through your business – how would you stop it?  What could you inject to counter it? This question is so important that I want to share a situation here. Imagine getting

Internet Marketing

My Top Secret* Niche List

Over the years I’ve been compiling this list of niches one by one. Some of them I added because they’re obviously hugely profitable. Others intrigued me. A few of them look pathetically small, and yet they are being used by people who earn 7 figures a year in these exact niches.