$2,300 Month Case Study Using Just Free Tools

Can you build a side hustle that takes just a few hours a month and uses only free tools? Surprisingly, the answer is yes, and here’s how one enterprising new marketer did it. Sherry earned her first dollar two weeks

When Things Go (Terribly) Wrong with Your Affiliate Network

I never recommend that anyone put all of their eggs into one affiliate network basket, so to speak, and here’s why: In 2020 an Affiliate Network called RevenueWire was fined US$6.75m by the US Federal Trade Commission because two of

42 Top Affiliate Networks

An affiliate network acts as the channel between publishers (affiliate marketers) and merchants who create the products and services affiliates promote. If you’re familiar with Clickbank, then you already know how an Affiliate Network operates. For merchants, an affiliate network

The 10 Step Affiliate Marketing Plan to Build a 6-Figure Income

Have you ever wondered why most affiliate marketers never earn a full time living, yet alone make six figures or more per year? I have to think it’s because they are missing some of the basics to affiliate marketing, as