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Internet Marketing

Case Study: TikTok Millionaire

While I am still having trouble typing “TikTok” (my fingers invariably type “TickTock”) there are folks making a million dollars a year and more on the platform.
I guess I’m a little bit behind the times, which is why I reached out to someone who is a TikTok authority and asked if he could point me to someone making serious money on the platform.

Internet Marketing

Orangutan Fu Manchu Offers Profitable Biz Idea

At the Omaha Zoo in the 1960’s an adult male orangutan named Fu Manchu caused quite a stir.
Fu was a loveable guy, gentle and sweet. Even though orangutans are incredibly strong, Fu never tried to hurt the zookeepers. As a youngster, Fu would climb inside the keeper’s parkas as they were wearing them, slide his arms into the sleeves and play with the keepers. Once when a curator slipped on a wet floor inside the exhibit, Fu saved him from harm and alerted the other keepers with his call.

Internet Marketing

Perfectionism Kills Online Business / Ish-ism Saves It

If you find yourself procrastinating in your business, perhaps it’s time to embrace “ish-ism”.
You know the kind of procrastination I mean.
“I can’t get started because I’m not good enough and it won’t be perfect.”

Prime Delivery Drone

Whatever Happened to Amazon’s Delivery Drones?

In the 1970’s we were promised flying cars by the year 2000. Of course that never happened. We were also promised that every man, woman and child would own a Segway. Odds are you don’t even know what a Segway