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How to Write Copy That Sells Without Selling Out

Some copywriters can’t sleep at night. They hate themselves because they stoop to psychological mind tricks and deceptive marketing practices just to make a few bucks.
Here’s the thing: You can sell like crazy without selling your soul. Here’s how..

Internet Marketing

This Site Lets You Prank Call Russian Officials

Because Wasting the Government’s Time Is a Form of Resistance
I could make up something about how creating a site like this during a time of crisis is a great way to go viral and get free publicity.

Internet Marketing

Fiverr: How to Earn $500 or More Per Week Doing Simple Little Things that Require Almost No Skill

There are people on Fiverr making $30 to $70 per gig and even more with premium offerings.
And there are folks on Fiverr who have high demand gigs that take them just a few minutes to complete. Even if they’re just getting $5 a gig, if they can do 10 of them in an hour then that’s a good wage.

Internet marketing

Case Study: Hot New/Old YouTube Niche Creates Fortunes

How would you like to build a YouTube channel that is totally faceless (no one will ever see you) using content that is 100% in the public domain, videos that are drop dead easy to make and in a niche that is thriving right now?