Deal Done

How do I … ? Helping or Selling?

How do you respond when someone asks you: “How do I do …” and you know it is for their business, but they do not offer to pay you?Is your response, “I could help but I need you to sign

How To Get An Instant Traffic Surge To Your Site

There’s no question that building an affiliate program is THE best way to get a lot of free traffic to your web site. And, if you spend any amount of time at all reading through the materials here, you’ll find

How To Get Others To Promote You NOW

See if you can spot the similarity. What do the following three statements have in common? 1. I can’t do it right now, but maybe later. 2. I’ve already got my mailings scheduled. 3. Let me get back to you.

Ten Tips For Getting Traffic Through Social Media

Here then are 10 tips for using social media to drive traffic to your sites… 1. Complete your profile. When you first open your Twitter, Facebook, Hubpages or other social media site account, fill out your profile (including a picture). Doing

Adwords: How to Greatly Lower Your Cost Per Click

Just as your credit score is important in getting a loan, your Quality Score has huge influence over the cost and effectiveness of your paid search campaigns. So what is Quality Score? It’s Google’s rating of the quality and relevance