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Do You Market to the Search Engines?

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There is not a lot of talk about old fashioned marketing happening nowadays.  Social media comes in and out of favor. Most businesses are either moving with the times or getting left behind.  So we must adapt to the changing times.  Focusing on new marketing tactics has become more important.  That way we can be sure that we’re getting our message across to a wider audience.

It doesn’t mean, though, that we can hope to get in front of every single one of our viewers. We can be sure that if we put our video up for public viewing, only a fraction of your prospects will view it. To make sure that Your video reaches more of Your intended audience, you need traffic generating marketing.  In many ways going even more old-fashioned, we can spread it by “word of mouth” to your potential customers.

This is a more powerful method of marketing than putting up a video in your corporate website.  If no one visits your website then viewing potential is very low.  Traffic generating marketing, and that’s the video as well, needs to be search engine friendly. So your video is not only accessible to all, but also very visible on the search engines.

Respect Your Audience

Remember also not to waste viewer’s time.  Yes, viewers now have so much they might be watching.  For them to stop on your video – to watch your message – is a privilege.  Don’t waste that opportunity.

As well as your video being accessible, keep it to less than 20 minutes at the most.  Check the words on the script as well.  Make sure that your video is less than 2,000 characters.  And, equally important, your videos must be tagged with key terms.  These keywords are the ones relevant to your brand or niche.

Within your niche try to have the same keywords for all the videos as this creates consistency with the search engines.  Matching them up in headlines and the description adds even more for the search engines to find.  Once all these steps are completed, your video is more likely to be found, and therefore promoted, by the search engines.

Now, what does this mean for your business?

The first thing that you have gained is increased public attention. The second positive is more credibility for your business. The fact is that for the most public attention, putting up a video is best. Not just any video – funny cats have their place but may not be the way to reach you ideal customers. (Or are they?) The point is that it is important to get your message seen and taken seriously.

And, although it may seem obvious, we need to make sure that your video is accessible to the people that are looking for your video. Choose the right place, or places, to promote it. That could be your own website, if that has the “footfall” and targets your buyers.

Social media is useful, especially if you are able to create even a small viral effect.  You might send out emails to help promote it.  It is especially worthwhile to encourage those who view it to mention it to others.  Consider if you wish to use Paid Traffic, usually for a quick initial hit.  Or will you rely entirely on Organic and play a longer game?

To Monetize or Not Monetize?

If you intend to monetize directly from the various Social platforms you will first need to check that you are compliant with their Rules.  (e.g. Facebook Business)  They all have slightly different requirements.  Some need you to have a well established Following.  Perhaps they state a minimum number of Viewing hours or Engagement.  Some are tough on what they see as “Gaming the Rules” when it comes to how you achieve those minimums.  They will also have their own validations for your legal entity and tax status.  Just make sure you understand what is needed before launching a campaign.

These are some of the steps that are essential for your business to attract the attention of the Search Engines – and thus reach the wider audience you require.

On another Post we can look at what you might need to consider when deciding to have a video created.