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$1200 a Month Giving Away Nearly Everything

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This is a simple case study that could work in a variety of niches.

This guy – we’ll call him Gary – was new to online marketing and had zero credibility because he hadn’t built anything or made a dime.

The one thing he did have was a ton of knowledge from researching and reading. He knew how to do a ton of stuff, he just hadn’t done it yet.

So, here’s what he did:

One by one, he tried different things and he recorded his experience with each. Whether it was putting up his first site, building a list, putting together a funnel, driving traffic, using social media – he documented everything as he went along. And he did this in a niche unrelated to online marketing.

From these he made reports, blogposts, articles, videos and so forth.

He had a ton of content, all of it self-generated. And he did this is a surprisingly short time.

Once he had some of this content (he’s still creating content today, because it’s a never-ending process) he started giving it away.

He spent money to continuously build his list of new online marketers, and he showers this list with so many freebies and goodies, they simply adore him.

This might seem contradictory – if he’s giving everything away, how does he make money?

He doesn’t promote anybody else’s products, only his own, which consist of courses, coaching programs and done-for-you services. All of these are high ticket products and services ranging in price from $300 to $3,000.

Once a month he opens up one or more of his products and promotes it to his list.

And since his list LOVES him and opens all of his emails and TRUSTS him, he makes plenty of sales.

In fact, he averages $12,000 a month in sales, and growing. He invests about $1800 a month in building his IM list, leaving him with about $10,000 profit per month, on average.

And to think he just started doing this 12 months ago. Not bad!