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Tips for Building Your Own Successful Chatbot Tip 7 (Internet Marketing)

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Replace email newsletters with chatbot newsletters

You’ve probably got a good idea of how great a chatbot can be for incoming requests.

But how about outbound? There is a lot of room to experiment here. And while you might hesitate to do this if it seems too strange or new, one of the prime places is using your bot as a content delivery system.

For instance, on Facebook Messenger, any time someone talks to you through Messenger, they are added to your contact list.

You can set up a chat bot to ask these folks to opt in to hear regular updates and announcements from you, then — voila! — you’ve just built a subscriber list on your messenger bot.

Tools like Mobile Monkey can then make it easy to send out new blog posts or quick information to this group.

Some estimates say that chatbot newsletters generate a 70-80% engagement rate.