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Full Review of the Top Internet Marketing Newsletter PLR Service

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You may have seen a lot of hype around Nick James’ Internet Marketing Newsletter PLR lately. hardly surprising as they have just released their 100th issue and Nick is celebrating by offering a huge discount to new members.

Obviously you’re going to be wondering if this service is any good and should you be joining? I’d like to give you my own full review here, but the short version is – YES, it’s definitely worth joining, especially while any discount is still available!

Having said that, it is fair to say that not all marketers in all business will immediately see the benefits … have a look at what’s involved and see if it will be a good investment for you in yours.

So, to start, what is the Internet Marketing Newsletter PLR?

A monthly 32+ page Newsletter which features Internet marketing and “make Money Online” content. Great as just an information source but you’ll be having FULL Private Label Rights to ALL the content in each newsletter. That way you can use it for just about anything you can imagine. For example:

  • Break the content up into your own blog or social media post
  • Use the individual articles as smaller newsletter articles or emails.
  • Send the whole newsletter, as your own, out to your list.
  • Use it as a bonus, or ethical bribe, to encourage more leads and sales.

What makes this Newsletter unique is that you will have the whole thing fully designed, ready to go, in a complete PDF format. It looks absolutely stunning, not just a collection of random pages … your own instant professionally produced Newsletter.

When I review PLR products, I usually look at the following criteria:

  • Quality of the content
  • Value for money (how much content per dollar)
  • How easily I can use it
  • How quickly I can do something with it

So, let’s take a look at how the Internet Marketing Newsletter scores…

The content is excellent. You can tell that Nick does not use ghost writers. This is all written by Nick and some of his most successful internet marketing friends… and it shows!
This is not rehashed stuff from wannabes or people without industry insight.
It’s solid content from people who actually walk the walk.
It’s something you can feel confident and proud about sharing.

Nick has made everything really easy to download, edit and use… with plenty of solid guides and tutorial videos.

The best thing is that you can have this content working for you straight away. With the usual run of the mill, more rough, PLR you have to do a lot of editing before using it. Often just to make sense of it. However, due to the quality of the content and design of this Newsletter, you literally just have to add your name to it, and you can instantly start sharing.

The only potential problem I see is the amount of content you get. With other PLR offers you might get thousands of pages at once. Often across a whole variety of unrelated subjects. Here you “just” get 32+ with each monthly issue. Of course, that is not necessarily a problem; I personally prefer quality and ease of use over quantity… but if you are looking for a one-off bulk PLR this may not appear be for you.

However… when you join today you will get a chance to purchase a one-time offer that gives you instant access to all 99 back issues of the newsletter (also all with the same full PLR). So this will actually give you 3200+ pages of high-quality content set out as 99 instant Newsletters for a very low one time price. Therefore, if you are looking for quantity and quality at the same time, I highly recommend paying extra attention to that offer.

It’s also worth mentioning the two bonuses Nick is offering with this special offer.

The Copywriting Swipe Files are very good and will be a great help for you if you are writing emails, blog posts or letters with the aim of making sales. You’d normally have to pay $497 for this product, so it adds tremendous value to the offer.

The Audio PLR Interview bonus is amazing and a breath of fresh air in the PLR world.
You will receive one high quality audio interview with a famous internet marketer every month. Again with full PLR to this as well, so you can for example:

  • Upload it to iTunes and there’s your own instant podcast
  • You can record your own questions and claim the interview as your own.
  • Use it as a great bonus to add to your promotions.
  • You are only limited by your imagination really …

So, what’s my final verdict on the Internet marketing Newsletter PLR?

Having tried so many others, in a variety of niches, this one comes out a clear winner. The finish and professionalism alone would make it a must-have. So, being able to grab it at a discount during the 100th Edition promotion makes it a no-brainer really. It’s some of the best PLR on the market and, because it has been put together by people who understand and have successfully worked in IM for decades, you know that it will instantly reflect well on you and your own business.

While talking about offers, just a reminder about that Upsell with all 99 back issues. It is fantastic value and it might be worth joining just to take advantage of that!

Finally, and on a personal note, I have found Nick James has a well earned reputation because there is never any catch with his offers. This is a monthly Newsletter and, as it says, No Strings – No Ties – No Catches. On top of this Nick has a superb support team and always over-delivers.

So 5 Stars for the Internet marketing Newsletter PLR – my highest recommendation.

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