$100 a Day Flipping Insanely Simple Sites

While this isn’t something I’ve tried, I’ve seen others doing it for years so it must be working like gangbusters.
You’re likely already aware of the concept of building a full website with sales funnel, sending traffic to it, making sales to show it works and then selling the website as a proven money maker, right?

Sad Frog

Has Anyone Ever Kissed a Prince and Turned Him into a Frog?

OK, with up to 30% of the pages of  papers regurgitating yet more of “That Sorry Story”, this is not going to support anybody’s version of events.  To my mind, rights or wrongs, it is neither interesting or important. That

Ask a Naked Movie Star How Often Should You Email

I’m not sure why I’m still getting pushback on how often to email your list.
My answer is daily, or even more often if you’ve got a good reason. But a lot of marketers out there ‘know’ that the ‘rule’ is to email 3 times per week.