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The 10 Catchiest Slogans of the Last 70 Years

I’m going to reveal the slogans and taglines that have stood the test of time. Odds are you’re familiar with every single one of them, and as you read this I’d like to issue you a challenge:
See if you can use these as inspiration for creating a slogan for your own business. No copying, of course, but maybe one of these will be the spark that creates your own million-dollar slogan.

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How to Build Your Six Figure Business with Just One Book

With one book, you can build a six-figure business that pays you year in and year out, even if you never write another book again.
Your book can be a physical book, ebook or even an audio book.
Frankly I recommend you start with an ebook so that you can instantly send it to anyone you choose and not have to bother with mailing a physical copy.

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Mini-Case Study: Avatar = $1,000 in 24 Hours

Noah Kagan of AppSumo is known for starting several companies and growing them to 7 or 8 figures in revenue.
Recently, while participating in a 24-hour business challenge to prove that anyone can start a business today, Noah asked his followers what business he should start.

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10 Tips for Making Money with Apps Today

Ten or fifteen years ago the ‘get rich’ advice usually included making apps. Remember hearing things like this? “Make an app, sell a million copies for 99 cents each, and you’re practically a millionaire!”