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User-Generated Content

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You can create your own content to place on your own channel, or work with influencers to encourage their followers to create user-generated content that supports your brand.

Keep in mind that TikTok users tend to be young. They love participating, rather than simply being passive. That’s why if you can find a way to encourage your TikTok users to create videos of themselves with your products, you’re likely to get a high buy-in.

A great example is the Chinese restaurant Haidilao and a do it yourself option on their menu. Customers who selected the DIY menu item created their own unique off-menu dish and then filmed the experience.

Once a few patrons uploaded their culinary attempts, others flocked to the restaurant so that they could also create their meal and video.

Ultimately, more than 15,000 people requested the DIY option; 2,000 ultimately uploaded videos of their creations, and 50 million people viewed the videos.

Your goal in making content on the app is to try and get big with it, just like any other social media platform. It’s a fairly new app so there’s not a lot of seasoned creators that you have to compete with yet.

But TikTok millionaires have already been minted on TikTok, mainly in China, since the app got its start there.

Now this is key: As you gain a following on TikTok, transfer that following to Instagram, YouTube and your email list.

Just to be safe, do NOT put all of your eggs in one basket. Remember Vine? There were marketers who concentrated exclusively on Vine, and when it disappeared, so did their followers.

Transfer your audience to different platforms, and that way if one platform disappears, you’re still fine. Of course, it’s highly unlikely that YouTube is going to disappear, or even Instagram for that matter. But TikTok is still too new to say for certain that it will still be around in 5 or 10 years.

Plus, it can be easier to monetize your following on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook Groups and your own email list, too.

There are some folks who started on Vine because it was easier to build an audience there. Then they transferred their audiences to YouTube and are now millionaires. Something to think about.