The Difference Between Good Marketing and GREAT Marketing

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It’s said that if you have a great product and poor marketing, you won’t make sales. But if you have a mediocre product and great marketing, you can get rich.

I believe that’s no longer true.

These days we have social media and product reviews, where potential buyers can find out what other people think of a product before they ever buy it.

Thus, if your product is mediocre, it’s going to fall by the wayside as better products get glowing testimonials on social media and elsewhere. It won’t matter if you throw millions of dollars of advertising at it; those ads simply won’t do all that well if your product isn’t awesome.

As Neil Patel says, “Good marketing is not about creating the best copy, or the best image, or the best landing page. It’s about having the best product or service and showcasing it and having people understand why it’s the best, because that’s what converts.”

By spending more time creating truly great products, you can spend less time marketing them.