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The Huge Problem with SEO and The Simple Solution

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Backlinks – real, genuine, earned backlinks – are a crucial component of SEO. You can’t buy them in bulk and expect to get results because big brother… er… I mean Google, will know what you did.

You can buy real backlinks but it’s super expensive and super slow to do that and it’s still not always a good thing to do.

It’s far, far better to earn your backlinks the old-fashioned way, by creating outstanding content that others link to.

But there’s the problem we mentioned:

According to a study conducted by Ahrefs — an internationally recognized SEO, keyword, and backlink authority — top pages in the top spots get the top number of backlinks.

They call it… “the vicious circle of SEO.”

Here’s how they explain it:

It’s the theory that people are most likely to link to top-ranking pages. As a result, those pages get links at a faster pace than all other pages on a given topic. Thus, they are almost impossible to beat in the SERPs. – Ahrefs

But if you dig deep into their study, you’ll also find the solution.

And it’s a solution that even the newest marketer can use to begin getting backlinks and free traffic from Google.

Ready? Here it is…

The secret to building organic backlinks is to rank number one for low or no competition keywords.

In the experiment, pages in the top spot for low and no competition keywords earned an average of 24 backlinks every single year.

That’s because as the top pages get more exposure, they also get more backlinks. The key is valuable, in-depth content for keywords that have virtually no competition.

If you watch the news in your niche, you’ll begin to notice that new terms are coined. If you are the first to create quality content for those terms, you can build links organically. And when that term is well known and well used, you’ll be so far ahead of the competition that no one is likely to touch you.

You can also search for keywords that are already in use but have no definitive content. You then create that content to become the go to source for that information.

In both cases, be sure to update your content regularly to continue receiving backlinks and maintain your page 1 position in Google.

Remember, the less competition, the better.

As your articles rank #1 for multiple keywords, you’ll start to get backlinks. Each top article on a low-competition keyword is working hard at bringing you traffic 24/7/365. And if you build a stable of these, then you’ll never have to worry about how people will find your site.

That’s about as “passive” as passive income gets.