3 Secret Steps to Selling PLR

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PLR or Private Label Rights don’t always enjoy the best reputation.

Most marketers believe all PLR is written by someone who doesn’t speak English well. Often the writer also has no background in the subject matter.

To be frank, PLR is often cobbled together with a lousy sales letter and amateur graphics. It is then sold as a package to unsuspecting marketers.

Is that how you view PLR?

If so, it’s no wonder.

Many PLR packages aren’t worth the money which, is why potential buyers are leery of new offers.

But there is a way to still sell boatloads of PLR to marketers, and it works like this:

1)    It may seem obvious, but make sure that YOUR PLR is well written and good value.

If you have to go to a freelance writer then choose one who has English as a first language.  Preferably one who has experience in the subject.  Use excellent graphics and have a great Sales Letter.  That gives you ongoing credibility.

2)    Before you sell PLR licenses, first sell the product as it is.

Launch the product on its own, without rights.

Sell it to your list, put it on JVZoo, or wherever you want.

Initially make no mention that you will be selling the PLR rights to it, not even as an upsell.

The idea is to let it stand on its own, so it’s tried and tested.

Then there is no question it sells.
Immediately it stands apart from every other PLR offer out there because it’s proven.

That way you won’t need to convince anyone about the quality of your PLR – because it will already be a success.

Go with a Proven Success

3)    Wait a couple of weeks and then offer the rights to it.

Offer it to the people who purchased the product from you.

They will be the first people to buy the rights, because they’ve already seen the product and they like it.

They KNOW it sells – because THEY bought it.

If you want to sell the PLR licenses for a higher price, then simply restrict the number of people who can buy a license. Give it some exclusivity, then owning it has more value. Not only that but potential buyers know that the market will not be over-saturated.